Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Mistery Of Dollars Origami

20$ and collapased WTC
After the events of September 11 occurred, on the Internet circulated an interesting story about the U.S. dollar banknotes are believed to have predicted the event. Is it true that U.S. dollar bills that have been designed 450 years ago knew the disaster will occur? or events of September 11 is a high-level conspiracy conducted by the U.S. government own?  

The conspiracy theory believers reasoned that the U.S. dollar banknotes designed by members Freemansory and iluminati which is a secret society that are considered most responsible for many events in this world. This organization aims to create a new world order. Look at the pictures below:
We start from the $ 20 bill: 

Then folded into two as below. 

Folded again ... 

And then seen the Pentagon burning smoke ....

For more details, see the following picture:

Now the relationship between 20 Dollars with WTC in New York:

And the pleats once again shows a similar picture with the twin towers that emit smoke.

Once again, the picture below shows more clearly ...

Still $ 20 bill. When folded in a way like this, it appears the name of Osama.

Now the $ 5 bill. Folded as before, and emerged a picture that shows the before and after the WTC tower was hit by a plane.

See money 100 dollars the following: 

$ 50 ..... picture that shows when the building collapsed ....

Whether events of September 11 has been predicted by this paper currency? or just a coincidence. At least this is a brilliant Origami.

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