Wednesday, March 9, 2011

British Fighter Chasing a UFO

A mysterious cameraman captured footage showed two British fighter jets were chasing a UFO. This tape is widely reported by British media as and 

Records for 30 seconds, which is expected to be taken in the West Midlands Park Service Station, shows the existence of a flying saucer with two fighter jets behind it.

Former British defense ministry UFO expert Nick Pope told the Sun: 

"This is probably the best video I have ever seen."
Regarding the possibility that the object was a new vehicle owned by the military, Nick explains:

"The military will not conduct secret trials project in the afternoon. Therefore, this recording could have really showed UFOs flying over our airspace and being chased by military aircraft, possibly because tracked by radar."
British Defence Ministry did confirm that they would send fighter jets to combat the threat in the air, but they declined to comment on the recording.
Well, now if the tape was genuine?
The reason I post this tape ONLY because the media reported the two I mentioned above that I think this news will also be immediately stopped by the Indonesian media.
I do not want to sound too skeptical. However, there seems to be good we saw this tape with the more critical. For example, the mysterious cameraman? hmm .. It is common in a hoax.
Then, UFO or a fighter jet that is not seen moving, as if the objects were just hanging in the air. We only see the camera here and there driven by the anonymous so as to create the effect of pursuit in the air. If the two jets and UFOs are really moving, I think for a moment they will soon disappear from view cameraman.
Then, not hearing the sound of passing jets. And another thing, which is lost when recording again in full swing? hmm again ..
If you ask my opinion, I think this tape a fake. But if you think the tape was genuine, I would not argue.


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