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Hoaxes News Sources

Hoax, You should know
This post is not posting a mystery, but solve many mysteries. I would invite you to see two foreign media that may be most responsible for the spread of hoaxes in Indonesia, namely The Onion and the Weekly World News.

  Today I got a challenge from someone to solve a mystery, namely the discovery of an angel statue that 200,000 years old. Maybe not too strange, but this statue was found on the moon. When you hear it, sensors in the head you may immediately react and send a word to your mind, that is "hoax".

Very true. The story of the discovery was indeed a hoax. 

This time I will write about one way to find out whether a rumor, hoax or not. This method does not require in-depth analysis of the complex. The way by which I mean look at the first source of news. Of course, as most outstanding news is the result of copy and paste, we might be a little trouble finding the original source. But we can do it with the help of google. 

In America and Europe, there are many media that specializes in news parody or satire. This kind of media mix between a fictional story with a true story. However, there is no violation of law committed since they made it clear that they are the media parody and satire. All customers have a clear if the display is only a fictional story. But they regard it only as an entertainment. None of them consider it a serious story. 

Well, if you find a spectacular story (which seems impossible) that comes from this kind of media, you may consider it as a hoax. 

Two of the media parody of the most famous is The Onion and the Weekly World News. 

The Onion 

 The Onion is a parody of a circulating medium in the form of tabloids in the United States and established in 1988. When the Internet boom, this medium was created Incredibly this tabloid circulation reaching up to 690,000 copies. 

Many news parody or satire that was published by the onion then spread out and reported by other major media. For example, the onion had published a news parody, entitled "Members of Congress threatened to leave Washington, DC, unless the government built a new capitol". This information is then quoted by the Beijing Evening News who later was also quoted by Reuters. 

Remarkably, although The Onion is clarifying, the Beijing Evening News refused to revoke the news and demanded evidence that the story was a lie. Incredible! Later, the Beijing Evening News gave up and pulled the story, taking out angry response: "Some small American media regularly fabricate news to deceive the people with the aim of making money." 

It's true. But The Onion had told his readers from the start if they are media parody. Unfortunately the major media such as the Beijing Evening News had never read the notice.

The body of Michael Jackson 

 On March 16, 2005, The Onions lowering the news that the police who examined Jackson's Neverland Ranch to find a corpse after corpse identified turned out to be Michael Jackson. According to the news, the corpse has been dead about 18 or 20 years ago, which means Michael Jakcson who was still alive was a deceiver in disguise! 

I've been asked by two readers to investigate this story. Now you know that all mere hoax. 

Neil Armstrong and the moon landing conspiracy  

In September 2009, two newspapers of Bangladesh, The Daily Manab Zamin and The New Nation carried stories about Neil Armstrong. Both these media include the onion as a source. In the news it is said that Neil Armstrong has held a press conference to give recognition that the moon landing was fake and is the result of deliberate engineering. After realizing that the news is a news parody, both the media later apologized to readers for not checking the truth of the news earlier.

Justin Bieber and Paedophilia The latest news from The Onion that is enough to make a scene is about Justin Bieber. The Onion lowering the news that Justin Bieber, idol of the teen who was only 16 years old, is in fact a 51-year-old paedophilia in disguise. 

The story is of course very funny, bizarre and untrustworthy. But many who believe this story and I received many requests to investigate this. Now you can know if this story was a hoax.
So, for women, you can breathe easily now.

Weekly World News  

Well, this magazine is one more powerful. He had stood since 1979 and most produce hoax that circulated in Indonesia. Currently, the print edition of this magazine is no longer circulating, but is still circulating in the form online.
One of the hoax story that was published by this magazine and is considered as the truth is a story about two passengers who discovered the Titanic sank tens of years without growing old after a bit.

Baby dragon in the jar  

Another story comes from the WWN and is often regarded as the truth is a story about a baby dragon in the jar or pickled dragon. This story circulated in December 2003 and accompanied by a photograph.

Mentioned that a man named David Hart from the UK to have a baby dragon preserved in a jar in her car in a garage in Oxfordshire. However, the story was just a hoax because the baby dragon is actually a model used by the BBC to film the documentary "Walking with Dinosaurs". 

The angel statue in 200,000 years old 

Another hoax story sourced from the WWN was the discovery of an angel statue that 200,000 years old in months. WWN even include it with a photo. Do not be surprised because the WWN is also making hoax photographs to support the story. 

Why do we believe this news, not national geographic fact that preach it?

Is not strange if a parody of the media who reported the discovery of spectacular like this? Why another big media do not preach it? 

Or do we think the U.S. government has conspired to ask all the major media to cover this invention and the Weekly World News was the only media that can not be silenced brave? 

Remember, the main source is very important to assess the truth of a story. The story of the discovery of an angel statue that 200,000 years old it really is old news magazine taken from the May 1995 edition of the WWN. 

Shall you trust him?
In fact there are other, more news Ngada fabricated from WWN associated with the discovery of a mysterious artifact on the moon, namely the discovery of a baby fetus 200,000 years old (same age with the angel statue.) This information is contained in the edition of February 1993.

Wait, there's more. See examples of other news that was appointed by the WWN.

After seeing the magazine titles, we will be more laughed heartily because WWN magazine tagline is: The world's only reliable newspaper.

What a great sense of humor! 

Megan Fox is the man

It's just Intermezzo. No association with mystery. I include this story because I find this news quite widely circulated on the internet.
Megan Fox, the main female role in Transformers movie, once said with a sarcastic tone when he looks like a man. People began to whisper, and then sign WMN at the right time like this.

Then they lowered the news that Megan Fox is a man who was once named Mitchell Fox. This news soon spread like mushrooms in the rainy season and many regard it as true news.

However, this is also a hoax. Megan Fox is not a man!

So, for men, you can breathe easily now. 

China will blow up the moon  

I once got an email from readers who asked me to investigate this story. According to stories circulating, the Chinese government is planning to get rid of the moon in a way to blow it up with nuclear. The goal in order to control the weather.

Imagine how ridiculous this story! Months will be removed? If the moon is removed, who will help light up the night on earth?

I am quite surprised that this news could be spread widely and taken seriously. You see, none of the major media who preach about this.

Wait ... ehem, apparently there is one major media that publish them, namely

Apparently the source of this news comes from the WWN!
Compass successfully helped spread this hoax so then discussed in the forums and copy paste into a lot of blogs.

Remarkably Weekly World News!

Next time, if you find a spectacular and difficult news for the trust and its main source is The Onion or Weekly World News, suppose it was only as entertainment news. Do not be taken seriously.

If you want to see the news presented by The Onion and the Weekly World News, you can visit their site.

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