Crop Circle's Mistery Reveald

It sounds dissapointed to me, one of ancient misteries were truly made by human

Titanic : Untold Stories

The misteries of titanic tragedy will be forever remains

Giant Skeleteon

This picture had been in Internet for years, read the truth here

Mars' sky is red

We know this planet looks read, but the skies are red too, are you sure?

Stonehenge, how was it built ?

One of many ancients, here is the possibilties of making it

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Stonehenge built?

In ancient site location Wiltshire, United Kingdom, there is a mysterious monument that has long been the object of debate and controversy. Monument called Stonehenge is composed of giant stones arranged neatly. How monument was built? By whom? and for what? Is it true that the monument was built by giants or aliens?