Crop Circle's Mistery Reveald

It sounds dissapointed to me, one of ancient misteries were truly made by human

Titanic : Untold Stories

The misteries of titanic tragedy will be forever remains

Giant Skeleteon

This picture had been in Internet for years, read the truth here

Mars' sky is red

We know this planet looks read, but the skies are red too, are you sure?

Stonehenge, how was it built ?

One of many ancients, here is the possibilties of making it

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Manipulation of goblin's photo in Arabian Cave

Goblin in the cave, really?
Recently circulated back of a photograph that is often called the devil picture of Mecca. Took it claimed to have been on a pilgrimage with his wife in Saudi Arabia. When he was visiting a cave, they began taking pictures around the cave. When the results of the images processed, they get a photo of the devil which is dependent on the cave wall. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to disable Right click on Blogger

Maybe this tips can protect a little thing of your blog :)

1. Go to Dashboard.
2. Click “Design”.
3. Click “Add Gadget”, and choose “HTML/Java Script”.
4. Then block these script below, then Ctrl+C

Here . . .

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Curse of Superman

There are several readers who asked me to write about Urband Legend. Although interesting, Urban Legend may be more dominated by myth than truth. However, to meet that demand, I have chosen an Urban Legend story that revolves around one of my favorite characters, namely the curse surrounding the movie Superman. Remember, I did not present this paper as a truth to believe, but only as an information "just know".