Monday, October 24, 2011

A crop circle was found the next day and change shape

A re-Crop circles appear in Wiltshire, precisely in the area of ​​Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes. Crop circle was discovered on June 21, 2009 morning. The outer usually is, the next morning, crop circle was found to have changed shape becomes larger. This is the first occurrence in the world of crop circles.

This is a photo before and after the change.

The appearance of crop circles became increasingly frequent in recent years. Earlier in one consecutive month emerging crop circle shaped yin yang, dragonflies, jellyfish and phoenix. The researchers believe that the crop circle phenomenon is related to the prophecy of 2012. Peneguhannya is one of the last crop circle shaped phoenix. Phoenix is a bird that symbolizes rebirth. This is consistent with a rough interpretation of the Mayan calendar which states that 2012 is a new beginning of period (not necessarily mean doom).

Charles Mallet, a crop circle researcher who immediately flew to the scene said that the corn crop in the formation of lay neatly and in clean condition. If there are a bunch of people who merekayasanya, then it is almost impossible to remember the previous night with heavy rain. Dirty and muddy footprints of the engineers certainly will be missed everywhere. However, if the crop circle phenomenon is the emergence of brilliant people who work for fun, then he has managed to make some people panic.


Above the crop circles found in tanggl June 21, 2009, changed the form on June 22, 2009. On June 26, 2009, Crop circles are transformed again into something like this:
Tail resembles the pattern seen in South fields Crop circles were found on June 26. The same date with changes to the shape-3 Crop Circle this. This mystery seems more confusing.


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