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Bermuda Triangle Solved ?

In the last century is estimated that about 50 ships and 20 aircraft disappeared under mysterious circumstances in an area called the Bermuda triangle. No wonder many people call this area by the name of the devil triangle. After nearly a century had passed, there remains the mystery of bermuda triangle?
Bermuda Triangle stretches on the Atlantic bounded by the line connecting Florida, the island of Bermuda and Puerto Rico. The extent of approximately 1.2 million km2. The mystery begins when a lot of ships, boats and planes mysteriously disappear in the region. According to the researchers, the region violated the laws of physics really badly.

Even until now, the Bermuda Triangle is still often a favorite topic of books novels and Hollywood movies. Her story has never been discussed on many websites in the paranormal and mystery, including on this blog.
Bermuda triangle name originally came from a reporter named Vincent Gaddis, who wrote an article titled "The deadly Bermuda triangle" which was published in February 1964 in Argosy magazine. But this legend is turned on and popularized by a writer named Charles Berlitz, who wrote a book titled "The Bermuda Triangle" in 1974.

One of the first story about this mystery are the events that occurred in 1918. At that time, a ship named the USS Cyclops which has a length of 542 feet and bringing coal to the American navy was sailing from Salvador to Maryland. The ship never reached its destination. Seekers only find out that the ship was docked at Barbados on 3 and 4 March to increase supplies. After that, disappeared without a trace.
Another popular story is the mysterious disappearance of five American military aircraft (flight 19) on December 5, 1945. On that day, five Avenger bombers departed from the naval base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 2:10 o'clock in the afternoon. The fifth plane was piloted by aviators with the soldiers led by Lt.. Charles Taylor.
One half hour later, Lt. Robert Cox at the base received a radio transmission from the floor. Charles Taylor who said that the compass stopped working and he was puzzled to determine direction. Over the next few hours, the base can still receive radio communications from the five aircraft to a total cut off communication at 7:04 o'clock tonight.
Two aircraft was then ordered to fly to find the fifth plane. One search aircraft never returned to base. The helper has joined the fifth plane, simply vanished.
This mystery has made a variety of theories emerged to the surface. According to the ufolog, on the Atlantic seabed where the bermuda triangle is the headquarters of aliens who abducted the ships and planes. According to the followers of new age, planes and ships disappear because the crystal residue that comes from the mysterious island of Atlantis. According to the spiritualists, bermuda triangle is a door into the fourth dimension.
According to researchers a more rational, this phenomenon could be due to electromagnetic interference. To the skeptic, who is most responsible for the bad weather, misfortunes, pirate, navigator that incompetent and human error.
Interesting, because these theories do not expire until there. A psychiatrist named Dr. Kenneth McCall has another theory. He tracks the history of bermuda triangle until hundreds of years earlier and found that the area was formerly a merchant ship and then thatched west. And he found a surprising fact. During the slave trade, an estimated 10 million slaves were thrown overboard, whether because they are exposed to disease, or as punishment.
According to Dr. McCall, spirits 10 million slaves that can confuse the minds of the pilots or navigators who crossed. Hmm. quite reasonable.
Bermuda triangle mystery continued until 2000. At that time a British ship that sank 70 years before (not in the Bermuda triangle) was successfully removed from the seabed. This ship proved to be the key disclosures Bermuda Triangle mystery is more rational, that is Methane gas.
According to them in certain areas in the ocean, sometimes methane gas ejected out of the seabed. These gases rise to the surface cause a reduction in the density of sea water and will cause anything in the sea level sank. Even if the crew plunged into the surface with a buoy, still they will drown.
And in the Bermuda Triangle area, found some sections where the methane gas used to gush to the surface. This indeed may explain the cause of the sinking ship. But still could not explain the cause of the loss of the aircraft.
Then in 1975, a man named Larry Kusche who works as a librarian at Arizona State University researching this mystery seriously and get very different conclusions. According to him, there is no mystery in the Bermuda triangle. He writes the results of its investigation in a book titled "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - solved".
He found many reports of accidents in the Bermuda triangle is not reported accurately. For example, he found a report about the ship suddenly lost in a sea of ​​calm, when in fact the ocean when it was hit by the storm.
In another part, he found many stories written about the ships that disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In reality, the ship wreck was found and the cause of the sinking has to be explained.
In another case he found a writer mentions a ship lost in the Bermuda triangle. When in fact the ship sank 3,000 miles away from the Bermuda triangle.
Moreover, with an area of ​​1.2 million km2 (9 times the island of Java) and heavy shipping traffic, it is natural that there are some ships that sank there. Moreover, aircraft and ships that sank decades ago did not have adequate navigation system.
After nearly a century, the question is, whether there are still remaining mystery of Bermuda triangle. Apparently that is still a mystery is how the Bermuda Triangle could be a mystery.
Perhaps the story and the stories we get are mixed with human imagination. Maybe Larry Kusche's true. There is no mystery in the Bermuda triangle. Moreover, the last incident that happened was on December 22, 1967, 42 years ago.
If that fact, I am also sympathetic to the fans of the mystery of Bermuda triangle of mourning.

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