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Some possibilities of Object that had hit the Air China Boeing 757

On June 4, 2013, a Boeing 757-200 of Air China's new on the air about 20 minutes (other sources say 10 minutes) from Chengdu airport to Guangzhou purpose. At an altitude of 8,000 meters (28,000 feet), suddenly heard a loud noise. The pilot who does not know what is going on immediately contacted the air control tower to ask permission to go back to the Chengdu airport. When he reached the ground then seen if the giant plane nose was dented inward. Are UFOs involved in this incident?

Here is the condition of the aircraft suffered damage.

It's been almost two weeks and it seems like this happened it is difficult for the virtual world to think of it as a matter of course. Thank you for the creativity and imagination of bloggers and media crew, this event became the subject of prolonged discussion.

When this happened, I saw a different phenomenon, namely the dependence of media, including media in Indonesia, the news disseminated by certain media. Even the headline news was not modified. Not to blame, if there is a surge of traffic to a subject, woe to the media that does not go jump into the stream.

Nose a dent plane and almost all media scapegoat UFO. And perhaps most responsible for this news is a load thesun.co.uk this news with the headline: Did the Chinese have a mid-air plane crash with UFO?

If we read this title, we would certainly expect a news content such as:

"The pilot saw a bright light shinning accompanied by the emergence of a disc-shaped object which then grazed the nose of the aircraft. Shortly afterwards, the object is not seen again and the glare is gone"

If news like that, fair if the word "UFO" appear in the headline. But we can not find that kind of news content. Of air vacuum, thesun make deductions extraordinary weird.

Actual use of the word UFO was not exactly wrong. Any unidentified flying object can be regarded as a UFO. However, reports thesun.co.uk clear direction. This is evident from the illustrations shown and resource persons contacted.

For creativity, thesun ranks first.

In addition to providing an illustration of a flying saucer that comic, they also contacted NIck Pope, a UFO watchers believe that with immediately said 

"Cases like this show that, regardless of whether one believes in the existence of UFOs or not, there is a serious air safety issues here. file flight agencies and defense ministries showed that many cases air collision nearly occurred between UFOs and commercial aircraft "

In other words, for the Pope, clearly flying saucers from other planets are responsible for this incident.

But, if you're honest, the media should be aware that such an event is not something foreign in the world of flight.

Than take a tremendous leap of deduction strange to accuse a flying saucer, I should give you guys some possible alternatives to what happened to Air China 757-200.

And what about the operational disks?

You can forget it.

If a large metal flying saucer and a high-speed aircraft crashing nose like that, whether we think the 757 aircraft could still return safely and suffered only a dent?

So, as an alternative, I'll give you three chances and references. I can not be sure what the plane hit, but I know for sure that the event is not something strange.

The first possibility - blow icebergs

Such events have occurred, although rarely enough. The time of the storm, chunks of ice could hit the plane through it. Chunks of hard ice easily damage the surface plane.
However, this ice is usually appear in large quantities so that the damage will be more severe and widespread, not limited to the tip of the nose. Hard ice surface which will make the plane surface defects and make the paint chipped, as shown in the following aircraft.

In most cases, this also makes lacing the ice crack glass cockpit.

So, what happened to the Air China is likely not caused by a chunk of ice.

You can see examples of accidents due to ice on the following link BBC News: Huge Hailstones flight cause mayhem.

The second possibility - Damage to the internal structure of the aircraft

Aircraft or so-called nose radome (Radar Dome) has a unique internal structure. He is not as dense as body parts other aircraft because its function is mainly to protect the aircraft radar. Cavity which had enabled it to dent into as experienced by the China Air plane.

If there are defects in this Radome, the strong air pressure can make a dent. Defects that could occur due to lightning strikes or collisions of birds on the previous days. A pilot once the plane nose dent testified that just because a bird's beak is left in the radome on collision that occurred the previous day.

One of the cases that cause internal damage such as dents Air China is also the experience of Northwest Airlines on July 7, 2008.

Initially, this damage is suspected as a collision with a bird. But after American aviation safety authorities, FAA, to investigate, they found the cause because of internal damage.

So, it could be experienced by Air China. But the problem is, if we look at the nose of the aircraft, there has been disabled due to a collision at the bottom left.

We do not know when it emerged the former black. It could be a few days earlier and the plane has not been repainted. If such condition, the dents caused by air pressure that might be the cause of all.

But, if the defects occur when the dent, then it is a crude explanation.

The third possibility - Collision with birds

Air China own party gave this answer as the official explanation. However, some of the doubt because of three factors, namely the height of the plane when the collision occurred (8,000 meters) is too high for a bird. Then the surface condition of the aircraft nose clean of blood and the last is the large dent.

I think personally, the answer is very likely the standard answer.
I will give the reason.
The first objection, if there is a bird that can fly at an altitude of 8,000 meters or 28,000 feet?

The answer is no.

The image below is taken from jeb.biologists.org.

There are several kinds of birds that can fly more than 8,000 feet. Bar-headed goose bird that can fly up to a height of 9,000 meters is the bird that comes from Asia, and he can fly up into the Himalayan peaks within 8 hours.

A jet plane is flying at an altitude of 8,000 meters or 30,000 feet will easily find this bird in the air.

I can not be sure that these birds were crashing into Air China Boeing 757, but obviously this is one possibility.

So, some people objected on bird collisions associated with height can be answered easily.

Now the second objection.

If the bird collision, where his blood?

True, if a plane hit a flock of birds or, most likely it will leave traces of blood, and often looks very brutal scene, as seen below.

Bird collisions with aircraft United Airlines.

Or a bird collision with a Delta Airlines plane following.

Clearly visible presence of blood spots.

However, the condition of the aircraft's nose is caused by the collision of birds is not always like that. For example, a collision between a Boeing 737-800 Garuda plane from Jakarta to Palangkaraya with an eagle below. This event occurred on April 21, 2012.

The plane crashed into a hawk weighing one kilogram and cause dents are almost exactly the same as the Air China 757 and just different sizes (Notice the dents are neat, although the former was hit by a bird).
Angle collisions may be a factor of whether or not blood. Just as in a traffic accident. In most cases, blood can be seen on the vehicle, some will not.
In the case of Air China, the former collision indicates that the collision did not occur in frontal. But only grazed on the right under the nose of the plane (Problem is, flying saucer illustration thesun pretty accurate).
Due to the structure of the nose or hollow radome, then there was dented inward as we see from his picture.
Another possibility is, on the way down, the plane through the rain so that traces of blood could be erased.
Then, last objection.

If the collision was caused by a bird, the bird if that could cause a dent that size?
It does not take a bird as big as a buffalo to make that big a dent.
If I throw a piece of gelatin into your head, then you will not get killed. But if I throw it at the speed of 900 km / h, the agar it will make you killed instantly.

The velocity of the object that hit will determine the extent of damage caused.

The Boeing 757-200 has a speed of Mach 0.8, or about 900 km / hour. On-the-fly with the speed, a bird has a size like Bar Headed Goose can cause a dent that size. However, due to frontal collisions do not occur, then the plane had not torn.

If a frontal collision occurs, then it is likely we will find severe damage like the example below.

This is Iberia A340 aircraft which flew from Madrid to San Juan on May 13, 2012. Nasar bird hit the nose of the plane and got into it (Former collisions are relatively clean from the blood).
Or leave the rest of the bloody collision like the example below.


As I said in the beginning, I can not conclude what hit Air China Boeing 757. However I found that the likelihood of a collision with a bird or internal damage is much greater than the collision with a flying saucer.

Air China has a dent, leaving former minor collision a black scar. This indicates that the plane hit any object must be a small and soft which does not hit them head on.

Thus, collisions with birds is a very sensible answer. However, if the wrinkles on the nose of the aircraft already existed before the collision, the internal damage being the most likely cause.

In the past, internal damage had occurred or collision with birds that leave a mark similar damage so it is not impossible that the same thing happened to Air China.

How much damage due to collision with a flying saucer in the past that we can compare?
Thus, where a flying saucer or UFO conclusions emerge? That's what I do not understand.

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