Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photo of a mysterious creature caught on camera forest hunter - Viral marketing?

Some people call the creature's Ghoul, some aliens. Others called him a monster swamp. However, most people just call it a monster Louisiana.

Photos of the mysterious creature was first popularized by NBC33tv.com, a medium which is quite influential in the United States, on December 10, 2010. Dailymail.co.uk of UK then also preached on the same day.
This picture:

If the creature is seen in the photo is really there, then you should think a thousand times before visiting a forest at night.

NBC33 mentions that the photo was posted by an Anonymous who got it from the installation of cameras that deer in the woods. He refused to mention his identity, but mentions that the photo was taken at Berwick, near the town of Morgan, Louisiana. According to him, when he was about to check out his camera, he found it in a shattered condition, but there is SIM cardnya still in it. When he processes it, he found the photograph.

By the way, deer camera is a camera that is usually installed by the hunters in the woods. This camera works based on motion sensors. When it captures a motion sensor, automatic cameras that will photograph the object.

Well, what makes the hunter is surprised, in the image is recorded on a terrifying creature who was kneeling by the position of Spiderman. When this photo submitted to NBC33, of course, immediately raises a considerable stir.

After this news was reported in the popular American and British media in Indonesia also proclaim it. One is Tempointeraktif.com.

When I first saw the photo, some of you will realize that the photo was too perfect, so we will be judged as a hoax.

Likewise I am, therefore I decided to not post them since the beginning. However, because many readers are asking enigma to me, so I decided to write a little about this photo.

Actually, this mystery has been solved only in less than 24 hours since this story aired NBC33.

One of the bloggers that I've managed to unpack the mystery of this well is West of Jov Web Wired blog. I'll tell you the results of its investigation Jov irregularities which we can regard it as a hoax.

The first gaffe, this photo was popularized by the NBC and Dailymail on December 10, 2010. This is a photo that is displayed on NBC site:

See the date of the photograph. There are listed the date of December 4, 2010.

However, on the photos aired by Dailymail, the date shown is the date 30 November 2010.
This suggests that the anonymous've edited that date either for what purpose. If he is an honest man, then he need not do any editing of the image.

However, the reason why he edited the date the photo was still unclear. To be sure we know if he did editing on the photo, there is a possibility that he also has to do editing on the part of another photo. This conjecture is not incorrect.

Not long after the photo was widely circulated, ketahuanlah if the image of this creature was ever appear in a special forum called archerytalk.com hunting.

At the forum, a user named Hillbilly Willi posted two photos, one of which is similar to that displayed by the Dailymail. Ia posted the photo on December 2, 2010. If you visit this site and want to see the picture, you need to register first

Hillbilly Willi add photos a deer from the same camera.

Hillbilly Willi admitted that he is the owner of the camera that caught a glimpse of these mysterious creatures. This meant that he was the anonymous who sent the photo to NBC33.

If we compare the photograph with the photograph deer creature, then we can look at pictures of other irregularities that indicate a former Photoshop edits.

See photo below:

In the vicinity of the crown (head) of such creatures, we can see a black shading. This shows an indication of the use photoshop tools to smooth the edges of the creature's head. In these deer, we could not find such shading.

I think the shading is enough to make me believe 100 percent that this photo is the result of engineering.

Then, you might ask: "Is the black shading is definitely an indication of photoshop? Is not it could mean a black shading shadow of his head?"

I think not.

Take a look at photos that have been following me make this clear:

From this picture we can see that the tree in the back of the creature has a considerable distance from the head. With distances like this, and the camera position higher than his head, his head would be impossible to create a shadow on a tree trunk like that.

Then, if that photo was the result of engineering, for what purpose?

There are two possibilities. First, of course, just for fun purposes. Hillbilly Willi may just want to make a scene. This is often encountered anywhere in the world so that the photographs like these should no longer make us wonder.

The second possibility, this photo spread for the purpose of viral marketing. Remember my post about the giant frame of Jabal Barez? Well, this picture may have been made for the same purpose.If this is indeed for the purpose of viral marketing, then there are two allegations.

The first allegation, this photo spread for the promotion of Super 8 film directed by JJ Abram (Stephen Spielberg-produced). This film tells about Area 51 and aliens. This indication was first released by the site movieweb.com who said that "the source of the film production proficiency level" mentions that the image is deployed for the purpose of viral marketing super 8 film. But there is no strong evidence provided to support the claim "source" is.

The second allegation put forward by playstationlifestyle.net. They suspect that this photo is viral marketing for Resistance games playstation 3 (Playstation again). This suspicion arises because of a tweet released by Insomniac Games (which makes the game) when the image is a scene in the virtual world:

That is more or less like this: "Oops, it looks like one got away. If you saw a Grim is on the loose .. please bring it back to Insomniac Games, Burbank, California."

In that game, there is a character called Chimera which does have a way like creature in the photo.

Which is it?

For now, we have no solid evidence to indicate that this photo is for the purpose of viral marketing. If indeed this photo spread for the purpose of viral marketing, then it means Hillbilly Willi is JJ Abram's accomplice or Insomniac Games.

Frankly, I doubt the theory of viral marketing. I further believe that this photo spread just for fun purposes. Because Hillbilly is a longtime member of the forum (joined since October 20, 2009) are also often provide threads on other hunting topics.

But to know for certain, we'll wait. Super 8 movie will be released in June 2011 and Game Resistance 3 in September 2011.

Usually we will know for sure after the movie or game is outstanding.

For myself, the motivation of this photo spread is not too important. The important thing is I know that this photo is the result of an engineering.

But if you choose to believe that the picture actually show a real creature, then I will not argue.


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