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Fossils of giant Jebal Barez - One of the best hoaxes virtual worlds

In October 2005, a giantology named Eric Belson tells of a Dutchman named Casper Shilling archaeologist who discovered the skeleton of a giant creature emerged from his grave after a massive earthquake struck the city of Bam, Iran. This story became popular in Indonesia and attract enough in cyberspace.
Although news of the discovery of the skeleton first appeared in 2005, this mysterious new tale popular in Indonesia in 2008 until now. This news footage that circulated in Indonesia: 

"A giant-sized fossils of living things (or maybe even ultra) found in the area Jebal Barez is very impressive. According to the researchers, this may be the largest ancient animals that ever existed on earth for the past, the size of his head alone can reach lengths of 26 meters with a height 8 feet! "

"It is estimated that these fossils may arise as a result of earthquakes that struck Iran on December 26, 2003. The ruins of an earthquake rocks the Jebal Barez has opened up the fossil, which for millions of years buried in the barren rocky hills." 

"The Iranian Antiquities unit fully responsible for the excavation agree. They assert that this is a single giant animal bones, probably one of the ancient animals walked reptile. Ukurannyapun larger than the types of dinosaurs that never existed before. However, whether this animal included Dinosaurs in the ranks or not, that can not be explained. 

"Maybe this is the so-called biological impossibility. At least, about the need for many years for archaeologists and paleontologists to know for certain about the identity of the mysterious creature." 

 Well, now the question is: Does the framework of the so-called "biological impossibility" really exist? Does the discovery that really happen? 

The answer is: No. 

To get this answer, do not need a complicated analysis. If we are googling about Jebal Barez framework, then we will soon get the answer. 

The story of the discovery along with the displayed image is actually just part of a viral marketing is done by Glenn Sanders of Tequila companies that cooperate with the Viral Factory. 

You are fond of the Playstation would be like this. You see, this story dbuat to promote the game "Shadow of the Colossus" of the PS2. Glenn Sanders was hired by Sony to do this Viral Marketing campaign.

This game tells about a young man named Wander who make the long journey with his horse to rescue a girl. To achieve that goal, he had managed to beat the 16 giant called Colossi. 

Quite interesting aspect of this story is how a process carried out by marketing genius (or serious). Please note that to promote this game, Glenn was not only created the story of the discovery framework Jebal Barez, he also created many other stories. I will give some of it as an example. 

Let's see how the process of viral marketing is done so as to bring big success for the Shadow of the Colossus. 

First, Glenn created a character named Eric Belson who launched a blog which is located at On her blog, she gives a lot of data about the discovery of giant skeletons in the world. Belson claimed himself as a giantology (a term he invented to refer to the scientific field). 

On October 1, 2005, Belson announced that he had bought the domain In his new domain, he posted about the framework Jebal Barez on October 5, 2005. 

That month was also the game Shadow of the Colossus was released in Japan and North America. 

This is where the figures appear Casper Shilling, a Dutch archaeologist called Belson found the skeleton in Jebal Barez. Of course, the Shilling also a fictional character. Shilling tells the story of the discovery of the skeleton on his website 

Just like other website specifically created for viral marketing, after Shadow of the Colossus was launched some time, both Belson and Shilling's website disappeared from cyberspace. However, because her story in the copy paste into blogs, now we can still get the photos posted by Shilling. 

About Jebal Barez giant, the head skeleton creature looks like a sketch below:

Compare with thirteenth named Phalanx Colossi in the game Shadow of the Colossus. See head.

Very similar. 

On October 6 the next, Belson post on a local TV report India who preach about the discovery of a giant skeleton of a beached Tamil Nadu after the big tsunami. But this story actually made to promote the first Colossi, Valus. The framework was created based on the character Valus.

On October 10, Belson post about the discovery of a giant skeleton by Ed Guyler Australian diver in the sea in the Australian region. Guyler believe that the skeleton belonged to a giant eel. But this story actually made to promote the seventh Colossi, Hydrus, which indeed resembles a giant eel.

On October 21, Belson post the news about a geologist named Arkady Simkin who went to Siberia to find oil. However, he instead found the carcass of a giant called Taurus Major. This story actually made to promote the second Colossi, Quadratus.

On 18 November, Belson post about the Sayre family while vacationing in Peru accidentally discovered a giant statue that looks like one robot transformers. This story even comes with a photo showing a hierogliph which shows the carving statue. In fact, this story made to promote Gaius, third Colossi. 

On December 26, Belson post a photo footage of the discovery hierogliph newspaper in Lusaka, Zambia, which is remarkable, showing four Colossi being together.

Too spectacular and very smelly hoax! 

In mid-April 2006, Belson blog disappeared from cyberspace. In late 2007, Casper Shilling's website also disappeared from cyberspace. At that time, the game Shadow of the Colossus has become a worldwide blockbuster. 

Of the six stories that are posted Belson, the only one that seems to escape and became popular in Indonesia.
Viral Marketing is designed to promote the Shadow of the Colossus is regarded as one of the world's largest online hoaxes. But at least, these efforts are not useless because sales of this game well enough to get into the list of greatest hits Sony in August 2006. 

Therein genius. Instead the aim is engineered so that others dismantle it. For example as I do now. 

If you're reading this paper is a PlayStation fan and have never played Shadow of the Colossus, I'm sure you will soon go to the store and buy the CD game. And incredibly, I am not paid by Sony to write this article.
Is not that genius was his name?

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