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Giant Skeleton Found, really?

Giant Skeleton
On the Internet, recently circulated back images of what is known as a giant human skeleton. Starting from that found in India to the Middle East. Whether this framework is really found, or just a hoax?

If the framework is called has a height of about 3-4 meters, then the news was probably not a hoax because it's never been the discovery of the human skeleton with body height. But if called skeleton found to have more than 10 meters high, then chances are it is a hoax news because until now there has never been confirmation from a credible source about the discovery framework with a high like that. 

Notice! I am not saying that people who have over 10 meters high was not there. I'm just saying that UP TO THIS MOMENT has been no confirmation from a credible source about the discovery of the human skeleton with a high like that. 

In this article, I will respond to the news of the discovery of a giant hoax framework first, about the discovery of a giant skeleton that are not hoaxes will I write next time.

Regarding the giant skeleton, on the accompanying stories always mentioned framework has tens of meters high. Some say 30 meters and some say 90 meters. In my opinion, it was too spectacular. So I take a skeptical position. Anyway, I saw a touch of photoshop that is very clear in the photographs. 

Actually, at first I felt no need to respond to hoax news is because I am sure most of you already know. But because of National Geographic photos ever responded to one of these hoaxes, it seems it never hurts to follow respond. 

First, this picture: 

This is a giant human skeleton pictures of the most famous in the world. First appeared in public through an Indian newspaper in March 2007.

The photo above is proved to be a merging of two images. The first photo is a photo Mastodon bone excavation in Hyde Park, New York, in 2000. 

While the second photo is a picture of human skeleton with no information that I found on the internet.

Not only that. photoshop results can even be found on the site worth1000.com, the site specifically contend photos of photoshop. This photo was contested in the category of archeological anomaly.

Well, besides the photo, photograph the other giants that participated in the contested category in worth1000.com archeological anomaly is as follows:

Familiar with the photos above? 

Of course, the next three photos are also photographs of the discovery of a giant skeleton that circulated on the internet. 

So I've clarified the four photos.
Now, the fifth photo which was widely circulated on the Internet: 

Now, you'll scream, wow, that's just a giant skull! 

Yes, indeed, unfortunately this picture is also the result of photoshop. See, this is the original photo: 

You can see in this picture there is no human skull. This photo is actually a photo Jobaria Tiguidensis bone excavation, one of the new dinosaur species found in the Sahara desert by a team from the University of Chicago. Yes, the bone was indeed a giant bone, but does not belong to humans.
Now the next photos are also circulating on the internet:

To find out the truth status of these photos is actually very easy because the photo itself provides the answer. Take a look at the writing (watermark) in the lower right of last photo. Theorionconspiracy.com written there. You can also see the same article in the previous picture (somewhat cryptic). 

The question is, who dare to make a watermark on a photo? 

There's only two people. First is the owner of the photo. Second is another person who took the photo and include the watermark as the original source. 

So, we can conclude that the site theorionconspiracy.com is the key. 

Maybe when I hear his name, people will conclude that site as a site of mystery. But if we go to the website, then we will find that theorionconspiracy is actually a site that promotes documentary fiction film directed by a French graphic artist named Seb Janiak. He made false photographs to create the film look more convincing.
When I checked the website, this is what I found: 

I found the gallery where a giant skeleton. 

Notice in the photo at bottom right. Apparently photos Jobaria Tiguidensis bone excavation in the Sahara also was there. This site has memphotoshop excavation photographs and other images to support the film fictionnya science. But it's only natural, because there never was one who considers the work of Seb Janiak as a scientific documentary. 

But strangely, it seems many people do not feel the need to ask why the watermark on the photo reads theorionconspiracy. 

Why not a watermark bearing the national geographic? or watermark one of the top universities in the world? Weird right, the discovery of such a framework in fact sourced from a site of science fiction, not from another source that is credible in terms of science. 

Should I continue? 

Do I have to find further evidence to convince you about the fake these photos? 

I think no need:) 



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