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Freemasonry Historical

The New World Order. A phrase that makes people immediately reminded by a secret society of the most famous in the world, that is freemasonry. For adherents of conspiracy theories, freemasonry is "The Shadow" or "Invisible Hand" who secretly control the governments of the world, financial systems and even the flow of information. Their ultimate goal is to create a new world order that is controlled entirely by the masons.
Freemasonry is different from Iluminati. This time I will only talk about freemasonry. 

History of Ancient Freemasonry

I start from the meaning of the word freemasonry. This simply means a collection of freemasonry masons.
Then maybe you say: "hey .. hey, we're talking about a super secret organization that controls the world, how come you are even talking about a collection of mason?"

Patience ... I'll go there shortly. 

Look, the masons are not just a mason who picked up a hammer and break the big stones. they are the experts. Their expertise is so extraordinary that they have the task of building cathedrals throughout Europe. In return for this task, they get a reward from the kings of Europe in the form of luxury facilities and tax exemption. 

Soon the masons are forming exclusive unions called the Lodge and spread throughout Europe.

States is so exclusive that they give the secret signs and passwords to its members. So when they traveled throughout Europe to work, they can provide proof to the local bricklayer unions that they are actually union members. To this day, secret codes are still used in the practice of this organization. 

Actually, there are no official records that could confirm the origin of freemasonry, or sometimes just called a freemason. Its history is written by different people with many different theories as well. So maybe we will never know exactly the history of ancient freemasonry. 

But in documents dating from 1390 called The Halliwell Manuscript, found in the writings that are similar to the principles of modern freemason. This indicates that this organization has its roots since hundreds of years ago. 

Even according to its leaders, freemason history has started from since the days of King Solomon, although this theory does not have a strong foundation.

History of Modern Freemasonry 

 Well, On June 24, 1717, four among the many lodge lodge is spread over Europe gathered in London and then agreed to form one large lodge called The Grand Lodge of England. Shortly after its founding, The Grand Lodge of England became the Lodge of the most influential in Europe. 

Establishment of the Grand Lodge is considered as the history of modern freemasonry. 

In the process, the Grand Lodge of England get the match of a new Grand Lodge was established later. This split lasted up to 62 years. On December 27, 1813, after passing some compromise, both large lodge was decided to merge. 

Lodge This new joint called The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). And since that freemasonry began to spread throughout Europe and America.

Level Rank Freemasonry 

Freemasonry actually includes an organization with a complex system of rank. This is because teaching and his philosophy is gradually revealed through several organizations that formed later. 

But to make it easier, I'll tell you outline only. 

Freemasonry has three levels in the kepangkatannya called the blue degrees are: 

1. ENTERED Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft
Master Mason. 

Technically, there is arguably no higher rank than the Master Mason.

However, if a person has become a Master Mason, he may get additional teaching to a more familiar ritual of freemasonry in the past two later formed organization, The Scottish Rite and the York Rite.

The Scottish Rite has a rank of level 4 (Master traveler) until level 33 (Sovereign Grand Inspector General). Meanwhile, The York Rite has a rank system is more complicated. However, the most famous is the highest rank, that of The Order of the Knights Templars or so-called Knight Templar only.

Freemasonry and Knight Templar So what do Knight Templar with freemasonry?

Knight Templar is a crusade army formed in the 12th century. According to legend, when Knight Templar has completed the crusade that lasted for 200 years, they then pursued and persecuted by the kings of Europe for allegedly practicing witchcraft. At that time, Knight Templar has become a large organization with tremendous wealth. 

In the period of persecution, the Knights Templar called to the protection of the ancient fraternity of freemasonry so that the masons secret entrusted storage Templar treasure. This legend is told in the movie "National Treasures" that might have you ever seen. But whether true or not, this legend has no basis of a valid proof. 

Freemasonry Symbol

Like the organization in general, also has the symbol of freemasonry. The most famous symbol is a compass and ruler arc with the letter G in the middle
But strangely, they do not have the formal interpretation of the meaning of this symbol. So the interpretation is often only provided by individuals with views and thoughts of each. 

For example, the letter G in the middle of that symbol. In some of the lodge, the letter G was accepted as an abbreviation of "God". Elsewhere "Goodness". But perhaps the most popular is "Geometry", a mathematical foundation that gave birth to the legend freemason. 

In some countries like Britain, the letter G has been omitted from the local freemason symbol. 

According to Albert Pike, founder of The Scottish Rite in his book "Morals and Dogma" is also regarded as "scripture" freemason, long the symbol means "belief in Creative", while the ruler bow is "productive Earth universe" 

I do not know what he meant. But it sounds very New Age. 

In addition to the symbol, another symbol that is often associated with the freemason is the symbol of a pyramid with an eye on the peak. This symbol is called "all-seeing eye."

According to Fredrick Goodman, eyes that look at the top of the pyramid that play a pivotal role in the world of the occult. Originally the symbol was "The Eye of Horus" from the time of ancient Egypt. 

While the pyramid is taken as the symbol of the pyramid as a symbol freemason consider unification of all religions. According to Foster Bailey, a masons level 33, "The symbol of the pyramid, which can be found in Egypt and South America to witness that the ancient mysteries related to the work of the Masons in this era." 

This is where some people begin to smell a conspiracy. This symbol was found on paper currency U.S. Dollar.

No wonder, since most of the American founding fathers were members of freemason.
Even the layout of Washington DC called, designed by the Masons.

What do you think?
Secrecy Freemasonry

  His name is also secret societies. Since the beginning of Freemasonry met by the shadows of secrecy. 

Confidentiality is also implemented in the relationship between the masons. There is a secret logos, there are distinctive ring masons and they even created a secret handshake method typical Mason.
Confidentiality is also reflected in the recruitment of new members. When a new member in, he will not be notified about the meaning of the symbols and ceremonies of Masonry. They will only accept a full understanding of the meaning of freemason ritual when they rose to levels higher level.
When the masons have risen to high levels and have learned the meaning of symbols and ceremonies, they are required to keep it secret from others. If not, there is a punishment that awaits. Therefore, according to Albert Pike, Masons are "children of light" because the meaning of the symbol. Other people who do not know are children of darkness. 

According to several former members of the freemason, an early candidate who intends to become members will be ordained by a mystical ceremony. 

First, the candidate must take off all her clothes so that only wearing underwear. Then her eyes covered with cloth. This process is called hoodwinked the means placed in the "spiritual darkness of a dirty world," whether what is meant. 

Then a rope looped around his neck that symbolizes slavery. Then the candidate was told to stand in a corner and be challenged to merajah own chest with a term. After that, he had to swear a secret society.
In fact, according to a former freemason Ed Decker, the high-level masons usually drink wine by the cup that is made from human skulls.
Hmm. indeed mystical. 

Freemason Headquarters 

 Although this association has spread everywhere, but arguably freemason has no official headquarters of the main. So I certainly can not show it to you. 

But I can show you the headquarters of The Scottish Rite jurisdictions in the American south. Located in Washington DC in the building called The House of the Temple. This headquarters is the headquarters of the most famous freemason in the world.

Photo below shows the altar freemason in the House of the Temple. The altar is empty of the formation of a silent witness to the legend of the mysterious freemason.

Freemasonry Conspiracy  

When talking about secret societies, or the term is, secret societies, then inevitably we have to link it with conspiracy theories. Moreover, if we talk about the freemason. 

According to conspiracy theorists, Freemasonry has a hidden agenda, namely to control the government, religion and the world economy. 

At the international level, the Freemasons believed was trying to encourage the creation of "a new world governance", a universal world government under the control of religious doctrine and freemasonry. 

This conspiracy theory was originally developed in 1792 that is exhaled by a few writers in France and Scotland. 

But although only a theory, seems to have a point. In September 1950, in a magazine published in New Age, level 33 Mason named William Smith wrote:
    "God's purpose is to combine all races, religions and creeds. This plan is dedicated to creating a new order of all things, to create a" new nation, new races, new civilizations and new religion, that religion was not sectarian and which has long existed, often called the "great light". Looking back, we can see the guiding hand of the Nordic nation to work to create a new world order - Novus ordo Seclorum. "
Novus ordo seclorum which means New Order of the Ages (not New World Order) can be found in the United States dollar banknotes. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, American president who is also a 33-level masons have put this sentence in the U.S. dollar. This shows that the freemason has put his finger prints on the American financial system. 

Even some thought that the design of city planning in Washington DC also has a signature Freemasons. 

Morgan Affair - The punishment for traitors Freemason hidden objectives hidden in the strictest confidence so that every member who leaked this secret will be punished. In history, at least there are 15 former members of the freemason was killed under mysterious circumstances after they intend to dismantle the secret brotherhood. The most famous victim was William Morgan.

Morgan's story was first raised by Charles Finney, a former priest-turned-masons. According to Finney, Morgan intends to print a book entitled "Illustrations of Masonry" which reveal the secrets of the first three levels freemason.

In the book called the top level in the pyramid is the worship of Lucifer Mason, something that arguably never been known by the public. But have not had the book was published, on September 11, 1826, Morgan was abducted and murdered by three persons were drowned by the masons.
Events that are often called the "Morgan Affair" has led the anti freemason everywhere.

Prominent members  

Over the centuries, Freemasonry evolved into persuadaraan group with members who have influence and power. Perhaps this is why conspiracy theories thrive. 

14 of 44 American presidents are Masons including George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Harry S Truman. 

But it should be noted also that at least 5 U.S. presidents declared themselves as anti-Mason.

In addition, 18 Vice president of the United States also are masons. Including 9 of the 56 signatory declaration of American independence, 18 Senators, 76 House members and 35 justices. 

"We have at least about one-third of Americans are members of the fraternity president, so is a substantial tradition for politicians to engage in freemasonry." Said one of the masons. 

In Britain, Part of the king, queen and prime minister were Masons, including Winston Churchill and Prince Philip. 

See photos below:

This skinny guy is Prince Edward of England. He was a nobleman who acquired the title Duke of Kent. But other than that title, he is also known as Grand Master of United Grand Lodge of England which is also the head of the Lodge in Wales and England. 

In the photo above he is also seen shaking hands with the typical method of Mason. 

In the economic field, the super-rich families who control the world known as the Masons, including Rockefeller, Chrysler, Hilton, JC Penney and even Colonel Sanders. 

In the field of music, Beethoven, Hendel, Mozart and Haydn. 

In Literature, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Rudyard Kipling, Tolstoy, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

And of course, not surprising that the architects of the statue of liberty, Eiffel tower, the White House and Mt Rushmore is also member of the freemason. 

No wonder, freemason so famous. Their members come from all circles whose names even written in our history books.

Freemasonry - Present 

 Today Freemasonry spread across 164 branches country with 5 million members where 3 million of them exist in the United States. Worldwide is estimated there are about 33 700 15 300 Lodges Lodges which existed in America. 

But it seems the so-called s
ecret societies are not so secret anymore. If we search the Internet, we can find the official website Freemasons there. 

Look! They even had time to pose for Life Magazine as a new group of students who graduated. But the basis of masons, even in the pose, still had time-sempatnya they form a pyramid formation.

Cover So, what kind of society freemason it really? It depends whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not.
Maybe you feel this article is less complete. However, his name is also secret societies, of course not be disclosed further. So I stop here. :)
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