Saturday, February 26, 2011

Manipulation of goblin's photo in Arabian Cave

Goblin in the cave, really?
Recently circulated back of a photograph that is often called the devil picture of Mecca. Took it claimed to have been on a pilgrimage with his wife in Saudi Arabia. When he was visiting a cave, they began taking pictures around the cave. When the results of the images processed, they get a photo of the devil which is dependent on the cave wall. 
Sometimes, this picture is also often called jinn cave hira photo. Here's the big photo:

I am sure, many of you who believe that the photo above is a hoax. Yes, you're not wrong! This photo was first circulated in 1990 and had become a headline in the UK. Here's the story of the beginning of this photo:
The owner of the photo is only mentioned his name as John and aged 33 years. John was visiting Saudi Arabia and he then heard a story about a photograph taken by someone in a cave there. Who took it said she heard a strange sound, then took a camera and photographing direction of the voice. And the result is the photo above. John got coffee photos and took it to England. 

But it turns out, the photo was not a genie or demon, but a statue. The photo was taken at a Somerset tourist attractions in England who named Cheddar Caves. This is a photograph of the statue. 

There's even a kind of photo sculpture with different positions in the cave. 

British magazine called Fortean Times has clarified this picture in 1995. But then still outstanding with different versions. This time his picture was given the special effects and called a chupacabra photos that are not accidentally captured a group of young people from Europe.

Hmm ... I think we all really liked the mystery, so that when we do not find it, we create it.

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