Monday, October 17, 2011

Siberian Alien Corposes Hoax

On April 17, 2011, a video showing the discovery of a mutilated corpse aliens in Siberia is uploaded to youtube. After that, the video quickly became a sensation unusual. Are we finally obtain conclusive evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial beings?  

Unfortunately, the answer is no. This discovery is a hoax.

Some of you may already know about it. But because there are many who sent an email to me and ask about this discovery, I decided to post them.

This video is meant:

This video was taken by two students named East Hilal, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19 years, in the snowy area in Irkutsk, Siberia.

Actually there is nothing special about this video. Every day, hundreds or even thousands of such video is uploaded to youtube. However, for some reason the video of this one can be a tremendous sensation. As I write this, this video has been watched more than 6.7 million times.

I think, its spread is aided by major media in the world such as ABCNews or dailymail. Although these media may only contain the news of this as a humorous interlude, but for many people is not the case.

Unfortunately, the imagination of alien bodies should stop here.

Russian police have confirmed that the discovery was just a hoax. The young men who recorded the video has to admit that alien bodies were in fact merely an engineering are made from the skin of chicken and bread (creative).

Maybe they both do not realize that this hoax would be considered seriously by so many people.
A spokesman from the Russian interior ministry even have to step in and clarify. He said: "We found that the aliens in one student's house."

"The body was found under her bed. A careful study found that the aliens were in fact only made of bread crumbs wrapped with chicken skin.

Investigators were considering to sue both the student.

Sergei Zvedzin, a police spokesman said: "What will we do with them? We have not decided."
"We'll see if any crimes committed in connection with the use of animal skins."

Both of these students decided to make this joke after hearing rumors of an alien spacecraft crashed in the area.

Although quite excited, however, from the beginning not all necessarily receive Ufolog with both the student's claim. Alex Komanov example, one researcher from Russion UFO UFO Research Centre.

He said: "The corpse was indeed interesting. Texture similar to existing biological creature. However, the body was not wearing underwear and I am sure that intelligent extraterrestrial beings would wear clothes like space suits."

A very good argument.

I did not think that a Ufolog will provide a simple analysis like this. But I agree. At least this discovery has been proven as a hoax.

Hmm ... the skin of chicken and bread. Who among you who started to hunger?


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