Monday, October 24, 2011

Phoenix Bird-shaped crop circles appear in Yatesbury

Phoenix from the ashes of the fire appeared in Yatesbury, England. That said the residents after the morning of June 12, 2009 Crop circles yesterday found a phoenix-shaped. This adds to crop circle formations animal patterned after the previous crop circle appeared in the form of jellyfish and dragonflies. And the phoenix appears only a few hundred yards from the dragonfly-shaped crop circle.

Same with the other crop circles, crop circles phoenix is met with skepticism by many. Regarding the shape, some say that it's not a phoenix, but the eagle. But we can see patterns emerging from the tail of fire so that we can say that the pattern is the phoenix bird of fire.

Previous researchers Crop circles named Karen Alexander said that he believes the emergence of crop circles will be more intense by 2012 when a catastrophic event is believed to occur on earth.

Not much can I get information about crop circles crop circles are considering this newly formed so that media coverage is still not much. However, some people associate the symbols resemblance of this phoenix with religious symbols of Zoroastrianism, as shown below.

Zoroastrianism is known as one of the world's oldest religions originating from Persia (now Iran) and is considered to have a major influence on the world's cultures. But in my opinion, before they associate with the symbol of Zoroastrianism, they should see the first symbol of Indonesia, Pancasila eagle!

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