Monday, October 10, 2011

Hoax, Alien photo galleries

On many blogs or websites or the UFO mystery, many outstanding photographs claimed to be an alien corpse. The story is diverse, ranging from photographs aliens at Roswell, alien Nazis, aliens in Japan, and others. Below is a list of some photos are fake alien corpse that you've probably seen before. I signed up only some photos that I think is most famous.

What is a hoax?

Many still do not know what is called a hoax. Most thought it was an abbreviation. But not at all.

Hoax is an English word!

The definition according to Merriam Webster Online Hoax dictionary (verb):

    Believing or to trick into accepting as genuine something false and preposterous Often.

With simple language engineering or a hoax is a hoax that made for a specific purpose, usually to make fun of. Something can be regarded as a hoax when it has indisputable proof.

If we only "believe" that something is a hoax, then it just becomes an OPINION, not fact. We must therefore provide a strong foundation prior to call something a hoax.

For example photos alien corpse below. Perhaps there are many who do not know.

The photos below alien corpse was circulated very widely on various blogs or websites on the internet that discuss the mysteries and UFOs. Surprisingly, even though it is known that the photographs below is false, still discussed and accepted as truth.

This is probably the most popular alien photos on the internet. But this photo is property exactly international museums to reconstruct the discovery of the Roswell aliens at Roswell in 1947. The discovery of these aliens is debatable truth. But certainly the photo below is a picture of an alien-made museum.

Property worn in the photo above, then replaced by the museum with a newer property aliens. Be the photo below. This photo was never entered into the National Geographic magazine and is regarded as one of the 100 best photographs of all time.

This property is also an alien from Roswell international museums. This photo is quite popular among UFO blogs. However, if observed closely, it appears that a photograph of a doctor in addition to the clothing is actually a mannequin (dummy)

See, right? If this photo of the original aliens, the children play play free at Headquarters super secret Area 51?

This photo, not from aliens in Roswell museum, but of an alien autopsy film hoax created by Ray Santilli.

This alien photo also circulated widely on the internet and blogs, although not as popular UFO photo above. But just the same. This photo is a photo of alien property on display in the exhibition space in Japan and made of wax.

Photo below is an excerpt from a movie called "Roswell: The UFO Cover Up". So the alien corpse in the photo was made by film makers for purposes of illustration.

Classic photo circulating on the internet following the story that someone found this picture in a document by his father who used to work at Roswell. When in fact this photo is a picture of an alien made of Latex Hollywood artist named Don Post.

This photo was circulated quite widely on the Internet and referred to as aliens who are captured by the military in Roswell. Sometimes referred to as the story is different and alien Nazis. When in fact this photo is a photo made for the purpose of engineering a April Fool's Day in 1950 and appeared in the German magazine "Wiesbadener Tagesblatt".

See, part of the mystery is solved right?

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  1. I do not understand that every thing is real because there are diverse claims by the scientists as well as essaytigers website others that they have seen UFO and they have seen aliens but nothing proved to be right and every time the given query became false.