Friday, October 28, 2011

Download Google Chrome 11

Try the latest version of Google Chrome 

If you can't tell I love testing both current builds and experimental builds of apps. Google Chrome 11 I like better than previous builds for one reason ... you can now hide some extension icons.

There is only one true downside to Chrome now. You still can't move the icons around. While the add-on support for Chrome isn't quite on Firefox's level, it's still pretty good.

Overall if Chrome would allow you to customize the add-on icons as much as Firefox, Chrome would be my top browser. It does so many things right and hiding the icons is at least a step in the right direction. I would love if Chrome one day would be compatible with Firefox add-ons and themes but that's a pipe dream at best. 

Add-on Support
New Technology Always Available

Add-ons Not Quit As Good As Firefox
Add-on Icons Not As Customizable As Firefox
usability 9
Stability 9
Installation 8
Functionality 9
Appearance 8 

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