Monday, October 24, 2011

Crop Circle the most intricate patterns in the UK is solved!

A circle of wheat fields (Crop Circle) that appear on the outskirts of Wroughton, Wiltshire in the UK has long led researchers to spend time to uncover the mystery. But this time, the pattern of the most complex crop circle in England that have been solved by an astrophysicist. whoever made it, the author clearly understands math.

Circle whose diameter is 46 meters it is one of hundreds of circles that appear suddenly over the past two decades and is regarded as the most intricate circular pattern of the whole circle of wheat available in the UK. At first glance, the patterns that exist in the circle just looks like a modern art, but an astrophysicist from North Carolina, American named Michael Reed stated that he has managed to solve the intricate patterns.

Reed drew radial lines in the circle and divide it into 10 equal pieces. From there, things get easier. Reed explains, "Take the pattern and draw radial lines from the center of the circle. Then take the smallest angle sector and call it a corner of it with the code. Then compare with 9 other sectors that contain the smallest corner, then choose the one digit that is closest to the ratio them. So the result is the number 3.141592654. "
As we know, the numbers above are the first 10 digits of Pi, a figure that we know since we are sitting in elementary school. Reed said that the 10-digit pattern obtained from the wheat circles has even rounded up properly. Point near the middle of the circle is a decimal.This ultimately sparked further speculation that the extra-terrestrial beings Be smart does that make the wheat field circle. But scientists are not necessarily reject it by saying that any good mathematics can make the hoop with ease.Mathematics code and geometry pattern is an important key in the formation of wheat field circle. Circle one of the most famous wheat field is a circle, nicknamed The Julia Set that appeared near Stonehenge 12 years ago that showed a picture of a circle with a group of highly complex fractal.

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