Saturday, October 1, 2011

Download Camtasia 5.0 Full

TechSmith will announce a new version of Camtasia Studio 5 screen recording software tomorrow. For readers who have not heard of Camtasia Studio before, it is "the" software for creating full-motion movies of all your desktop activity (also known as screencasting).

Size : 34 MB

If you are an old Camtasia Studio user, you will barely notice any difference in the interface of Camtasia Studio 5 when compared with the previous version but once you explore deeper, version 5 will certainly leave you feeling impressing and more productive.

The first step in creating any screencast video is about picking the desktop area that you want to record and the new Camtasia Recorder makes selecting the recording area extremely easy. As you hover the mouse over the screen, Camtasia makes intelligent and dynamic suggestions by interpreting the nearest rectangular zone.

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