Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mexico Babies alien identity finally revealed!

Maybe you've heard this story widely circulated in Indonesia. In 2007, Mexico TV stations broadcast news extraordinary, that is about the discovery of a baby alien creature that allegedly by a farmer in Mexico. After 2 years, researchers have finally shed some light on his identity.

Baby alien was first discovered by Marao Lopez. Marao said that he found the baby in the living conditions. Due to continued rebel, he then buried the baby in a bucket of water three times to death. He then handed it to the University so that can be observed by scientists. The discovery was confirmed by Jamie Maussan, a UFO researcher.

This is a photo of the creature in a condition which was broadcast live on the internet.

This is an outstanding photo that shows the alien baby has become a corpse.

Adding this mysterious story, some time after the discovery, Marao Lopez died under mysterious circumstances. Some people say that he was burnt alive in his own car.But now, the mystery has been answered by scientists. The bodies belonged to a squirrel monkey (squirrel monkey - saimiri sciureus), which is an animal whose habitat is in south and central America.The researchers came to this conclusion after comparing the shape of his skull.

For me, they do have in common skull, teeth and bones, especially in the chin.

But if indeed this is the skull of a squirrel monkey, it means Marao Lopez had lied when he said that he found it alive. Is he not able to distinguish between aliens with a monkey? Unfortunately we can not confront him because he was dead.

In my opinion, Jamie Maussan UFO Researchers have engineered this story from the beginning. First, look at baby pictures alien who is said to still live above and compare it with the picture of a baby alien who has become a corpse. If we look carefully, it will show the difference between the two. Especially in the head.

That is, objects that exist in the two images are different objects.

The second oddity is. Many photos of such creatures that live in outstanding condition. But surprisingly, none of the existing video footage. The only outstanding video footage is the video Jamie Maussan was presenting PHOTOS creature.

This is my conclusion. Farmers are indeed discovered the body of squirrel monkeys. Jamie Maussan who know this then creates this false story to fame. If you see a picture of a baby alien who claimed to be still alive, then the alien baby is more like a mannequin (dummy) rather than living beings. Right?

Oh yes, if you search on google, you will find that among UFO researchers, Jamie Maussan is one of very doubtful credibility. He is known as a handyman engineering. Photo Examples of galaxies ever claimed as UFO photos.

For me, the only mystery in this story is the mysterious death of Marao Lopez.

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  1. Here's how you can always tell a fake: if there's only one photo taken from one angle. Who on earth would take but a single photo of something like this? No one, that's who, which is why it's fake.