Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The body of a mermaid from the Gulf of heat

Perhaps you've seen the picture above. Blog and web mysteries often feature the image above. Details on the web says that the creature is a human mermaid or fish are dragged to the beach. But here's the real story:

Pictured above began circulating via email, forums and blogs since 2006. It is said that the picture is a strange creature like a mermaid or a human fish found on the coast of Malaysia. And even the description of the other states that the creature is an alien.

Sites like Youtube even showing video of this invention. Exact location of this discovery is said in the Gulf of heat, Malaysia. But strangely, banned newspapers to publish these findings.

Actually not strange, because real human mermaid or fish is not real at all. The body is the work of a famous sculpture artist named Juan Cabana. Several series of photographs can be viewed on personal sites Juan cabana, including pictures of other strange creatures of his work. If we look carefully, actually we can tell right away that the creature is a hoax. Consider the body of the creature that is too clean for a new creature dragged to the beach.

Mr Cabana has sold body mermaid creations via ebay with the auction name "SeaMystery". According to Opera-are available on ebay, the Body was sold for USD 1550.Cabana does not provide information on ebay that the creature is a creation. Instead he created a fictional story that the creature is drifting down to the beach until it was found. Cabana claimed to include a fictional story to generate interest in his work. But while the image is to escape and spread on the internet, the story generated a diverse and make a lot of people are deceived. The images taken from ebay and disseminated on the Internet without permission from Mr.. Cabana.

Cabana uses a variety of tools to create mermaid like animal skulls, fish and other animal skins, steel, plastic and fiberglass.

Actual mermaid sightings have been reported in various parts of the world, and Mr. Cabana has revived interest in this mysterious creature. Apparently the photos circulating the body would still long enough on the internet.

Site Visit Juan cabana:

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