Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Head of an alien hoax photos

This is one example of a clever hoax. Photo below first appeared in 2003 without any accompanying information. In the photo looks a man was holding the head of strange creatures are horrible.

But lately it is known that the photo is the work of an artist named Charlie White. Looks like some irresponsible hands have spread around the internet and be regarded as an alien head photo.

Some other websites instead of calling the object as an alien head but the head of the Chupacabra. Many people are deceived because the shooting condition shows as if this photo was snapped by a journalist who covered the discovery of a strange creature. That's why I call it a clever hoax.

For those who have followed this blog since the beginning would know that in my post on February 19, 2009 titled "El Chupacabra - blood-sucking dog", I also display the photo. But after learning this information I have been throwing this photo from the article.

So, next time, if you see the pictures, you already know the truth.


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