Friday, April 20, 2012

Titanic 1912 Revealed

The cause of the sinking of the Titanic that occurred earlier in 1912 was due to steering errors. Largest and most magnificent cruise ships at that time should be saved if the captain does not brave continue sailing.

On 10 April 1912 RMS Titanic departed from Southampton, England to New York, but on the fourth day of the cruise ship could not sink proud of it struck an iceberg and sank before rescue ships arrived. About 1,500 passengers down with the ship's magnificent.
Is Louise Patten, a writer and granddaughter of Charles Lightoller, second officer on the Titanic the most important moment, that reveals the truth. He told the truth about what happened almost 100 years ago have been withheld for fear of tarnishing the reputation of his grandfather, who was also a war hero.

Lightoller, the most senior officer who survived the incident. But he covered the sinking of the investigation was an error. Because he was worried that an accident caused by human error, then the owner of the ship will go bankrupt and his colleagues were out of work.

"And they could easily have avoided the iceberg if it were not for the blunder command," Patten said as quoted by the Daily Telegraph. Sinking of the Titanic which took place relatively quickly because their leaders forced the captain to continue sailing after it struck an iceberg. "Instead of steering is directed to the left of the iceberg, the holder of the wheel, Robert Hitchins, panicked and turned the wrong direction."

Patten writes the changes of traditional sailing ships to steam ships means there are two different steering systems. A system which means turning the wheel in one direction and the other system rotate in the opposite direction.

Once they knew was wrong, Patten added that they only have four minutes to change the direction and time. First Officer William Murdoch helmsman realized the mistake, then try to fix it but it was too late.

Patten's grandfather had come to the last meeting officers of the Titanic before the ship sank. Obviously that's where all the fatal errors that have occurred. Yet is exacerbating kondsii, J. Bruce Ismay, owner of White Star Line persuaded the captain to continue sailing.

Decisions that make the ship sink many hours faster than they should. "And if Titanic did not say anything, it will last at least until the rescue ship came and no one needs to die," said Patten. So far, the known cause of the sinking luxury liner struck an iceberg that caused the tear hull makes the ship was badly damaged.

I agree with this article, because I did not change his writing.

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