Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mysterious toothed bird carcasses found in Iran

Is there a bird that has rows of teeth in his mouth? Our knowledge does not exist.However, a mysterious bird carcasses have been found in toothed reportedMeshginsharhr city in northwestern province of Ardebil, Iran.

The locals found a dead bird on the day of the week on May 8, 2011The bird looks like he just died a few days earlier because of the remnants of feathers can still be seen clearlyIRNA news agency reported.

A small team of Iran's environmental protection organization (EPO) was immediately sentto the region to investigate the truth of the news.

One resident reported to have hidden the carcass of the EPO and the team is trying to find it. Although it has not been foundthe team managed to get a photo of the carcass ofthe local population.

The team also received reports from local residents who say that the bird is living in a cave near their village.

Mysterious carcass has a skull like a dog with a large canine teethBut his body lookslike a bird can not flyThe researchers say that the carcass was not in accordance withthe known bird speciesThusfurther studies will be conducted and verification ofornitologist will be required.


But this case has elements of engineeringThe most striking is the loss of the mysteriouscarcass early in the investigation so it can not be further investigatedIf the carcass isengineeringthen maybe the author combines the body of a bird with the head of a dog

Skull of a dog

Howeverif we see news footage from Iranian media that follows, like the carcass of the lost have been rediscovered.

This is the screenshot:

Maybe this time the carcass can be investigated further to determine its authenticity. If the carcass is apparently not engineering, then we get a first toothed birds in the world.

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