Monday, April 23, 2012

A leading pro global warming scientists finally admitted there was no evidence of global warming

G-20 meeting has just ended. Global warming is one of the main topics discussed. World leaders called on the world unite to fight global warming is expected to bring the earth at lethal temperatures in 2100. We can see the business leaders of the G-20 against global warming made headlines in major media in the world. Yet somehow there is virtually no mass media who covered the speech Prof. Mojib Latif at the UN conference on climate of the earth at the beginning of September 2009 in Geneva yesterday.

Some time before, I never wrote about the Global Warming conspiracy theories. In it I tell you that the views of Al Gore on global warming is accepted by many people turned out to opposition from many scientists. One reason is the existence of research data showing that the Earth is experiencing global warming in this decade. Well this time, Al Gore and his supporters had another slap, not from his political opponents, but from one of the scientists who pro with it.

Generally, if a scientist with a scientific view of drastic change, then the media will cover it on a large scale. But not this time. Prof speech. Mojib Latif almost escaped the attention of the world.

Prof. Latif is a scientist from the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences in Germany. He was a major supporter of the theory that greenhouse emissions are produced by humans has led to an increase in global 
temperatures on Earth. He participated in creating a climate model is a benchmark for many researchers in the world. She has also received several awards in the study of climate and he was a principal investigator in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), an entity owned by the United Nations in 2007 to receive the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.

So, we're talking to an expert and leader in the movement of his global warming Al Gore.Well, the surprise came unexpectedly. At the conference is to discuss what is often called the "Scientific Consensus" on Global Warming caused by human actions, Latif admitted that this was not the Earth is warming for nearly a decade. According to him, it looks like we will enter a period of "One or two decades in which the temperature of the earth will cool down".

Al Gore's global warming theory states that the Atlantic and Pacific oceans will absorb heat trapped in the earth caused by an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide produced by humans. This absorption will cause it to heat the atmosphere and land.

However, Prof Latif made it clear that even a cold North Atlantic. And probably will continue to cool to 20 years to come. This is clearly contrary to the previous view that the earth will enter a lethal temperatures in 2100.Prof statement. Latif was also been confirmed by two teams of scientists from Germany and America. they think global warming is currently stalled, but will continue again someday.It's confusing! if they fail to predict the cessation of global warming, how can they predict that global warming will continue again?

Scientists have analyzed the pro Al Gore of human behavior in generating carbon dioxide levels to predict the direction of increasing global temperatures. If their predictions were wrong, would not that mean that global warming is probably not caused by humans?

Prof. Latif is the latest scientist who joined with many other scientists who doubt the existence of global warming caused by humans. U.S. Senator James Inhofe previous Republican who is the "Godfather" of the opponents of the theory of global warming Al Gore version has released a list of 400 prominent scientists who oppose the theory of Al Gore. Inhofe was one of the most persistent to balance the debate on global warming that has been dominated by Al Gore, supported by liberal politicians and the media.

Two of the leading astronaut Edwin Aldrin (the second man who walked on the moon) and Harrison Schmitt (human-to-12 who walk on the moon), has also been stated that they do not believe global warming caused by humans.

According to scientists opponent Al Gore, global warming does ever happen, but it is caused by nature and can not be predicted. Even though Al Gore received widespread support from politicians and the media, but it seems that momentum began to shift away from him. Data can not lie to you?At the G-20 meeting yesterday, all member countries agreed to lift fuel subsidies with the goal of fighting global warming. Their logic, if the price of fuel becomes expensive, then the people will think twice about buying a car or use a fuel with excessive use of fuel so the world will fall which will cause the world's carbon gas emissions will also be reduced.

So I think, if the Indonesian government to follow this agreement, fuel prices will not rise again?We'll wait.

You can view a list of some scientists who oppose the theory of global warming Al Gore version here.

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