Monday, January 3, 2011

Does NASA Edited Mars' sky photos ?

Comparing Mars
Mars, which is the truth ?

In 1976, the United States spent millions of dollars to send a spacecraft Viking Lander I to the planet Mars. Promptly at 2 pm on July 21, 1976, Department of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA received the first successful photograph was taken from the Vikings. The photo shows the planet Mars has a beautiful blue sky, not red as we know it.

Red Planet, that's the nickname given people for decades to Mars. This is because the photographs that NASA released show a red color on almost every element on the planet. Mars is also described as an inhospitable planet with a red dust storm. This characteristic has also been portrayed in some science fiction films such as "total recall" and "red planet".

But apparently the red planet is not as red as we imagine.

On January 10, 2004, NASA JPL department responsible for the spacecraft rover spirit held a press conference in Pasadena, California. At the conference, they showed a recent photograph of Mars taken by spacecraft spirit, Photos Mars with a blue sky.

Mars Behind publics

Photo above is clearly different from pictures of Mars that we usually see, like the photos below.

Mars Edites By Nasa

This is shocking! In previous years, NASA released a photo of Mars with only the sky is red. After the press conference that JPL, NASA gave the reason:

"If at the time the vehicle is going to take pictures of dust storms on Mars, then the picture will be red."

With this statement, NASA acknowledges that Mars does have a blue sky as the earth! But strangely, why so far only released NASA photo of Mars with the red sky? maybe there is something covered up? And why is it only in 2004 NASA reveal everything?

According to a book, NASA is deliberately conceal that fact.

Books that I mean the book entitled "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA" by Richard C. Hogland and Mike Bara. They were told that NASA deliberately changed the color of the sky on Mars.

In 1976, when the first images of Mars come from the Vikings, the world could see through the television that Mars was a blue sky! However, some time later, an official photograph with outstanding is Mars red sky. According to NASA, Mars photos showing the blue sky is a photo that has a color filter error. In other words, a technical error. But not so according to Richard Hogland and Mike Bara.

According to them, two hours after the first photos of the Vikings arrived, a NASA technician suddenly received orders from the NASA administrator, Dr.. James Fletcher, to destroy all the negative film that shows a blue sky on Mars. Other pictures are then converted into red almost total for the show as if there is no life on Mars.

For example the photo below. Photo on the left is a photo released by NASA on the state of the planet Mars. In the photo looks distorted American flag colors. The researchers then fix the color image by using the American flag as a benchmark. And the result is a photo on the right. Mars has a blue sky!

Comparing Mars

Actions NASA administrator who ordered the destruction of the original Viking photos I raised many questions. Why is NASA so desperate to hide the existence of the blue sky of the world? Is there something else involved photographed in the photo is destroyed?

Unfortunately, this question is not answered until now. But perhaps the Hubble telescope astronomers have long observed that Mars did have a blue sky.

Even so, some scientists still defend NASA. According to them, NASA did not change the color of the sky. Color differences occur because of imperfect filtering process on Mars probes.

Yes, maybe they're right. But for conspiracy theorists, the act of secrecy NASA because NASA wants to cover up the fact that there is life on Mars!

Unfortunately. No one can know the definite truth. However, after a press conference in 2004 JPL, NASA seems to start opening this truth to the public. For example the photo below taken by the Opportunity spacecraft on 26 February 2004. This photo shows the sun sets on Mars.

Moon Seen from Mars

Peaceful and beautiful!

Anything that tries covered by NASA, but now at least we know that Mars does have a blue sky. Maybe one day we can build a new civilization in the place.

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  1. The sky is blue on Earth because of the nitrogen gas in our atmosphere. So maybe Mars has more nitrogen than is thought.

    1. Yeah, I think so, but guess what's NASA purpose by doing that. A whole new life on mars ?