Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Novel looks like Titanic Tragedy Had made 14 year before Sunk

Titanic tragedy. luxurious ship of its time, surprised everyone and became a legend to this day. Many stories about beredarnyaramalan-forecast will crash, though seldom proven alias could be a figment. But apparently 14 years before the Titanic sank, a novel has been published.

This novel entitled Futility by Morgan Robertson (later the title was changed to The Wreck of The Titan), published in 1898, exactly 14 years before the events of the Titanic. 

Half of this novel tells about the sinking of the ship TheTitan. Believe it or not, the Titan ship to the Titanic have many similarities and similarities.
  1. Titanic departed from Southampton, England, on bulanApril 1912, while The Titan sail in April, also from Southampton.
  2. The cause of the sinking was the same, namely because it struck an iceberg.  
  3. As the tragic events, the Titanic moving at a speed of 23 knots, while the Titan sail at a speed of 25 knots.
  4. Both were hit in the same place, namely in the North Atlantic, 400 miles from Newfoundland.

    Whether the above similarities just a coincidence? But besides that, there is little difference between the two jugabeberapa this giant ship. For example:

  1. Titanic struck at night when the skies are clear, while the Titans crashed in the daytime when it is foggy. 
  2. 705 Titanic passengers survived, whereas of The Titans only have 13 people including the main character.
  3. Titanic sank on its maiden voyage, while the Titan has been sailing a few times before.
  4. Titanic sank while sailing from England to America, while the lines of The Titan precisely the opposite.
  5. Before sinking, the Titans hit a another small boat to sink, while the Titanic, although The New York      adjacent to the ship, but did not hit much less sink it.
  6. The Titan also has a screen that allows you to increase speed, while the Titanic did not have such a screen
  7. Titanic is the 'middle child' of three 'brothers', while The Titan does not have a 'brother'. 

So whether the incident was predictable or only an accidental resemblance? Interestingly, the author - Mogan Robertson also wrote novels about the war between Japan and America, where Japan without mendeklarasikanperang and direct the American bombing, the exact incidence of Pearl Harbour which was blown up by the Japanese.


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