Saturday, January 22, 2011

33 miners of Chile and Numerology

A few days later, maybe you guys ever watch or read about the process of mine rescue workers in Chile are trapped by the blast which occurred on August 5, 2010. This whole process is quite attracted worldwide attention. Even major television stations in the world occasionally interrupted its regular program to broadcast the rescue process that lasted for 69 days. Well, number 33 turned out to play an important role in the whole event. Quite interesting to observe.

First, there are 33 miners trapped in it. 

Then, it takes 33 days to drill successfully reach these workers. At that time, a camera is inserted into the hole and for the first time the world can see the condition of the trapped workers.

Some people believe that figure is just a coincidence. But for others, all have meaning.

"The work that drilling takes 33 days, one day for one person," said Mikhail Proestakis, Manager of the Driller Supply Company, which participated in the rescue process.

Once drilled, the workers building a tunnel which will be used to remove the workers later. 66 inch diameter tunnel, which is equal to 33 X 2.

"I believe in numerology, it would all have meaning." Mikhail said again.

On day 66, the tunnel is made to rescue managed to penetrate the room where the workers are trapped. Hope to see the sun was in sight.

3 days later, after trapped for 69 days, one by one worker is removed through the tunnel. The rescue was conducted on October 13, 2010, aka 13/10/10.

13 + 10 + 10 = 33

Facts about this date was mentioned by the president of Chile, Sebastian Pinera.

"The number 33 appears in all this process, all fit, this is truly a miracle," said Mary Segovia, younger sister of Dario Segovia, one of the workers.

Not only that. As the drill made it to the workers after a day-to-33, the workers sent a note to indicate if they were alive. The sound of the note are:

"Estamos bien en el Refugio los 33"

Which in English is:

"All 33 of us are in the shelter".

Estamos bien en el Refugio los 33 - Number of characters in that sentence is: 33 characters.

For the citizens of Chile, the figure 33 shows the miracle of God.

But for the conspiracy theorists, the whole event is just an orchestration of freemasonry because the number 33 is the figure used by Mason. As we know, the organization consists of 33 masons symbolic level.

Symbol level 33 Scottish Rite Mason

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