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Telekinesis - it true that humans are able to move objects with his mind?

Telekinesis - it true that humans are able to move objects with his mind?

"Those who believe in Telekinesis, Raise your Hand"- Kurt Vonnegut. Jr -

From among the many uniquely human ability, Telekinesis is one of the most controversial. In contrast to telepathy that is more acceptable among science, telekinesis is still regarded as one of the phenomena that can not be proven scientifically, although its existence is quite accepted by many other scientists.

Many people believe that the ability of telekinesis is nothing more than a supernatural force relating to the activities of the devil. Others reject that notion and believe that real human beings are created by storing potential paranormal powers waiting to be resurrected.

Now, we'll see how telekinesis coloring the world of science and how the controversy it generated.

Psychokinesis / Telekinesis
Telekinesis The term was first used in 1890 by a Russian psychic researcher named Alexander N. Aksakof. In 1914, Psychokinesis term used by American writer named Henry Holt who later adopted by his friend, the American psychic named JB Rhine in 1934, to refer to the ability to change the roll of dice.

Since then, these two titles are both used to refer to the same ability, the ability to influence the movement of an object from a distance. This could include lifting, shaking, bend, break or move objects up to lift yourself flying through the air (levitation).

Researchers from the community prefer to use the term parapsychology Psychokinesis, while popular culture like movies and books would rather use the term telekinesis.

The concept of Psychokinesis (PK)
The concept behind Psychokinesis / Telekinesis is the argument that all objects have energy. This makes us able to move the object by connecting our mental energy with the energy of the object.

With the concentration of a fairly complex exercise, a person called can generate that power, ranging from moving small things like atoms (micro-PK) to things like a spoon larger (Macro PK).

One of the experiments relating to the micro-PK has been done in the basement of Varian Physics Building at Stanford University. At that time, the subjects of the experiment is a famous psychic named Ingo Swann. The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether Ingo can affect the magnetic field created inside a closed room under the floor of the building.

When Ingo began to focus his mind on the magnetic field, the oscillation frequency of the magnetometer to be double at about 30 seconds. Although it failed to shut down Ingo magnetic field, but the experiment was also successful in proving the existence of Micro Psychokinesis ability in humans.

Ingo Swann who later became an important role in American military project Stargate. You can read about it here.

Then, what about Macro Psychokinesis?

The Witness Macro Psychokinesis
Michael Crichton, an American writer who wrote a best-selling novel Jurassic Park claims that he never managed to bend spoons with his mind while he was visiting a "party to bend a spoon". He describes this experience in his book, Travels, published in 1988:

    "I looked down. Spoon began to bend. I had not even noticed before. The metal becomes soft like a soft plastic. Spoon was not heated at all, only slightly warmed. Then, I could bend a spoon mouth was just using the tip my finger. This does not require power at all. I get rid of the spoon, then try it again with a fork. After rubbing some time, the fork bent like pretzels. It's easy. I looked around the room and saw small children aged eight or nine-year big bend metals. This is not engineering because they do not intend to deceive anyone. "

However, Crichton admitted that he did not know why that could bend spoons.

Senior researcher at the Institute of Noetic Sciences named Dean Radin also claims that he managed to bend a spoon with the power of mind when you're experimenting with other colleagues.

Institute of Noetic Sciences itself is an organization founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell and investor named Paul N. Temple which aims to examine the hidden human potential. Their research subjects including meditation, psychic abilities, and other alternative healing. Insititute is becoming popular as Dan Brown picked it up in his novel The Lost Symbol.

About Psychokinesis, Radin said:

    "Maybe in 50 years into the future, we will use psychokinesis to open the door of our garage or we change the television channel."

In addition to Crichton and Radin, a professor at Boston University named Robert M. Scoch also believe in the existence of this capability. He told me that he never saw a book jumped from the shelf when he was in a room in which there is also an expert on women's telekinesis.

Uri Geller and Nina Kulagina

If we are talking about Psychokinesis, then we must mention the name of Uri Geller, who is probably the most famous telekinetik experts in the world.

Geller was born on December 20, 1946 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and currently settled in Britain. He claims to have the ability to psychokinesis. The most famous attractions is to bend the spoon.

For decades, Geller build a glittering career on the basis of this ability. He appeared on various television and magazines in the world and make friends with many world celebrities like Michael Jackson.

Incredibly, Geller claims that he has strength comes from the extra terrestrial creature. In 1975, two scientists named Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff of the Stanford Research Institute that examines Geller sure if he has genuine paranormal abilities.

It can not be denied, the existence of Uri Geller helped make the researchers more interested in investigating the phenomenon of telekinesis.

In addition to Geller, another character who is quite famous in conjunction with telekinesis is a psychic from the Soviet named Nina Kulagina (1926-1990). In the 1960s, a black and white film that shows Nina move an object without touching it exhibited to the public and immediately create a new passion in the world of parapsychology.

In another experiment, Nina is able to separate the white and the yolk just looking at it. Then he also managed to stop the heartbeat of a frog from a distance. Nina admitted that she obtained that ability from his mother and began to realize it when he sees things around him move when he was angry.

However, researchers need more solid evidence than just a movie.

Scientific evidence and the fall of Uri Geller
At the present time, when the spectacle of magic into everyday life, attraction to bend a spoon into something that is common to us. However, the attraction of this kind, properties used are the properties of the magician. If we give another property, can they do the same attraction?

The question is then used by skeptics to prove the claims of those who claim to have the power of Psychokinesis. Because the life of Nina Kulagina largely spent in the Soviet, the skeptics turned them over to the celebrity targets psychokinesis, that Uri Geller.

If from the beginning of Geller's only claim to be magicians, skeptics may not be too confusing him. However, since he claims to have supernatural abilities or Psychokinesis obtained from extra-terrestrial, the story is different.

Therefore, the skeptics were trying desperately to find answers to a question: Is Uri Geller really have the ability to use Psychokinesis or is he just a mere magic tricks?

One skeptic who tried to dismantle the secret is James Randi Geller.

In 1973, Geller was invited to a talk show called "Tonight Show" hosted by Johnny Carson. Carson himself had become an amateur magician. Unnoticed by Geller, Carson asked for help James Randi, who is also a magician, to find ways to Geller can not do magic tricks in performing the action.

Randi explains:

    "I was asked to prevent the engineering effort. So I asked them to provide their own property and do not let Geller or his team members to approach or touch the property."

When the show began, a number of glasses arranged on the table. One of them contains water. Geller then asked to guess which cup contains the water. This attraction is called Hand Dowsing.

The event of 1973 was regarded as the beginning of his downfall.

In 1996, Geller was in a show called Noel's House Party. Unbeknownst Geller, a hidden camera placed in the room. Then, when the time Geller asked to take action to bend a spoon, he was caught on camera it was to bend a spoon with both hands while standing, and then show that as if he had bent it with the mind.

Disclosure of these various tricks to make a businessman named Gerald Fleming offered a reward of 250,000 pounds if Geller can bend spoons under conditions set by others. The prize is still unclaimed by Geller to date.

James Randi even went further. He offered a reward of one million U.S. dollars if anyone could do psychokinesis or other paranormal abilities under conditions that have been agreed. This prize was not claimed by anyone succeeded to date.

The absence of this evidence is also confirmed by the United States National Academy of Sciences to investigate the phenomenon of Psychokinesis at the request of the Institute of American military research. In 1986, they concluded that there were no scientific proof of the existence of psychokinesis abilities in humans.

Can we prove it?
Personally, I believe in the existence of this capability. However, the question is: can we prove it scientifically?

Can we claim that telekinesis is the ability of human nature that is hidden?

If you can, then the next question is: Can we do it in a condition that has been set by others?

Or the ability of telekinesis is associated with supernatural abilities associated with spirit activity? Is not the spirit can move things as seen in the phenomenon of poltergeist? If that is the case, then I think, fair if we can not prove it scientifically.

One million dollar prize promised by James Randy Foundation is still true today. If you feel has a paranormal ability, or Psychokinesis is true, you can contact James Randi to demonstrate your ability. Maybe you could win a prize and become the new billionaires.


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