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Mystery Spot - Explanation

Something strange happened in a place called Mystery Spot. It is said that in that place, the law of gravity no longer applies. We can stand on the walls of houses and not fall. The ball flow to higher ground. Even the height we could look changing. Is there really such a place in the world? What causes the occurrence of such anomalies? This is the answer.

Many places in the world, especially the United States, dubbed the Mystery Spot. The most famous is in St.Ignace (Michigan), Santa Cruz (California), Oregon Vortex (Oregon) and Spook Hill (Florida).

In these places, the tour guide will tell you about a point where the law of gravity no longer applies. If we get into the house at that point, we can stand on its walls without tejatuh. Water or the ball will flow toward a higher and a person can stand at the corners of the impossible. Even a person can look shorter or higher on the spot. It seems an impossible phenomenon.

If you asked the tour guide, then they will tell you that the phenomena that occur in that place beyond the reach of science and arise because of UFO or paranormal activity.

However, the reality was not like that.

Mystery Spot is probably one of the most widely misunderstood phenomena so often associated with mystical event. However, this place really is a purpose built tourist attraction. Therefore when we visited, we are obliged to buy a ticket, just like a fantasy world or amusement park.

After we buy tickets and go, we'll be taken to a house that became Mystery Spot. Before we brought into the house, the tour guide will talk about the phenomenon of anti-gravity is peppered with a few legends about UFOs or other paranormal events. At this point, our minds will be filled by a variety of imagination that will add a strong perception in our minds.

Well, when we are invited into the house, we will experience mystery spot wonders that have been legendary.

How can the law of gravity does not apply in that place? How do they make?

The answer is quite simple.

Just like Gravity Hill I've ever posted before, a phenomenon that occurs in the Mystery Spot in fact occur because of a visual illusion that arises from the slope of such a nature. In this case, the house called the Mystery Spot is tilted at an angle of about 20-25 degrees.

To add a strong perception, all the way to the house, created a landscape that shows as if there is a gravitational anomaly in all locations.

Then, the interior of the house such as furniture, floors, walls and ceilings, arranged so that someone who was in the house will have a perception that it really is not skewed.

This is what causes a person can stand on the wall of the house without falling, and could look like flowing water to higher ground.

Illustration of how a person can stand on the wall of the house without falling

Illustration of how the water or the ball can flow into a higher place

See other examples below.

Think about the people who stood outside the house. By looking at them, we soon find out if the house was actually tilted to the left. This is because the standing position they serve as a benchmark for us horizontally. So, when we saw the man inside the house stood on the wall without falling, everything looks normal for us.

However, imagine if a wall mounted and blocking our view out of the house. We no longer have a benchmark to determine the horizontal slope of the house. Certainly we think a miracle is happening because our friends could easily stand on the wall like Spiderman.

Simple right?

Although this technique has been known to the general illusion, but still it does not reduce its uniqueness. In fact, this place became one of the favorite places for professors of psychology to explain to students about the illusion and perception.

According to William Prinzmetal, a psychology professor from Berkeley University, the Mystery Spot to be interesting because of the desire of humans to determine the horizontal or vertical orientation so that they will soon take a benchmark if they are not usual to see the limits of the earth horizon.

"We are really visual creatures," he said. "Mechanism in our body that is responsible for determining the horizontal and vertical most affected by what we see. If the context was confounded, then our standard of horizontal and vertical also be chaotic."

According to Prinzmetal, even though he already knew his secret, he is still amazed every time I visited the house.

Mystery Spot of the many locations in the U.S., the average claim if their location is the first stand. However, based on research results, it was found that the first Mystery Spot is located at the Oregon Vortex, founded in the 1930s.

After that another anti-gravity house began popping up across the United States, the possibility of imitating the Oregon Vortex for design resemblance is remarkable. Even the accompanying legend was the same among the various Mystery Spot. This of course raises a lawsuit among the owners.

To more clearly understand about the Mystery Spot, you can see the video below:

(Youtube link)

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