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Understanding the phenomenon of rain animals, blood and organic matter

Rain and animal blood. This is one of the most frequent topics discussed by the mystery blogger. However, this phenomenon becomes more familiar to our ears lately because television broadcasts link it with mystical phenomena (although in fact alluded to the phenomenon that has lasted several years ago). Therefore, it would not hurt us again review this phenomenon and see the relation to the world of science.

When we hear the name "rain animals", we may immediately assume that this title is an idiom. However, the real name of this really reflect the actual events, the collapse of the animals such as fish or frogs to earth. Although associated with animals, this phenomenon is more often associated with meteorological phenomena. We will see why later.

This phenomenon is not limited to the fall of the animals, but also other organic materials such as meat or blood.

Although the new commotion lately by some television broadcast, the record of the existence of this phenomenon has actually been going on since thousands of years ago. For example Pliny the Elder, a Roman historian who lived during the 1st century AD, has mentioned about the storms of frogs and fish.

Thus, this phenomenon is certainly not something new.

So what gives? whether this phenomenon is associated with mystical events? The answer: of course not.

Causes of Phenomena 

Have you ever watched a movie called Twister?

From the title alone, we know that this film tells about the tornado. In one scene, we could see a 5-scale tornado raged fiercely. Each object in its path and sucked up into the sky, it entahkah houses, trees, cows or even a large truck.

After a while flying in the sky, when the tornado strength weakened, the objects will be flown crashing back to earth. In other words it was raining debris, trees, trucks and of course cows.

Just like what was depicted in the film, a phenomenon largely due to the rain animal tornados, which are formed either on land or in water (waterspouts).

One of the descriptions that confirm this conclusion can be found on the news footage that was published in a newspaper in Minneapolis, United States, in July 1901:
    "When a storm is blowing loudly of my voice, seen a large collection of green such as being dropped from the sky, then heard a strange sound drizzle. When the storm subsides, residents find different kinds of frogs to cover an area of ​​more than four blocks, even in some streets, the number of frogs so much that the road was impassable. "

In thunderstorm conditions, a mini tornado may form. When a mini tornado was moving through the water where there are fish and frogs, this wind will raise the animals as far as several miles. Sooner or later, the animals would fall to earth. In some cases, no animal is still alive when it fell to earth. In other cases, the animals were already dead or frozen conditions.

Apart from a tornado that forms on land, Rain animals can also be caused by a tornado that forms in the waters of the so-called waterspouts. Air column is estimated to have been sucking the animals in the water and flew him to drop it to another place within quite a distance. This could explain why in many cases the rain animals, animals found only water in the absence of terrestrial objects such as grass or wood.

Another Rain animals 

Of the phenomenon of animal rains, rains of fish is the most common. For example, fish in Singapore rainfall events that occurred in 1861. And in Rhode Island in 1900 or in India in 2009.Interestingly, fish rain phenomenon that occurs every year between May and July in Honduras and has been for over 100 years old. Before the rains of fish occurs, the population was always reported that precedes a thunderstorm.

In addition to fish, animals do not escape from the clutches of another party's tornado.

On August 1, 1869, a cow reportedly fell from the sky in California. A similar incident was reported in 1876 in Kentucky. Now, with the camera recording technology, a cow that brought wind and falling is no longer something strange. Yes, although only one tail, the cow that fell was called "wet cow".

In 1894, the city of Bath, England, it was raining jellyfish.

On 6 April 2007, there were rain spider in the province of Salta, Argentina.

On July 11, 2007, it was raining worms in Louisiana, USA. The worms are believed to carry a blast of wind from a distance of Lacassine Bayou 5 miles of the location of the event.

In June 2009, it was raining fish and tadpoles in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. Ishikawa event is the most widely reported events by television Indonesia lately.

Then, on March 11, 2010, I posted about the fall of more than 100 birds, starlings in Somerset, England, which was reported by a woman named Julie Knight. Although these events are not necessarily caused by the wind, but even this event could be called the "rain bird".

However, there is still a mystery that involves the phenomenon of rain animals. Mini tornado theory is considered to be able to answer how to bring these animals into the ground, but researchers are still trying to understand why it is generally only one type of animal that falls to earth every time it rains. These puzzles are still not getting the solution to the present.

Organic matter rainSimilar to the phenomenon of rain animals, there are still parts of an organic rain phenomenon that can not be fully understood by researchers.

One of the events associated with the rain of organic matter is fresh meat rain events that occurred on March 9, 1876 in Olympia Springs, United States. According to witnesses named Allen Crouch, small pieces of flesh falling from the sky in his yard like snowflakes. Two men who examined the piece of flesh it was possible to conclude that the meat was venison or lamb. Some people suspect that the meat derived from sheep tercincang when carried by the wind.

Then, back at the commotion lately was blood red rain of Kerala or the rain that occurred in July 2001 in India.

Blood rain Kerala 

On May 13, 2009, I never post on this topic briefly. However, the text I did not submit the formal conclusion of the researchers. Therefore, I will discuss it again slightly.First we must know that the term "blood rain" does not mean it was raining really the blood of animals or humans. the term "blood" is only used to refer to the water content in red. Though rare, but the events of "blood rain" is not something alien to science. For example, similar events have occurred in Columbia in 2008.

Some researchers have proposed theories about the red rain of Kerala. One is the theory which says that the red material that mixes with rain water it is the blood of a large number of bats were killed when the storm passes.

Others believe that it is red desert sand on the wind and fall along with the rain.

Then, there is another theory which states that the red particles is actually a meteor dust. In the case of "blood rain" that occurred in Sicily in 1872, researchers had found an iron content of red that made them conclude that the red particles of dust caused by a meteor.

Some believe that the red color was probably caused by a type of bacteria due to similar events (although not in the form of rain) ever seen in Antarctica where the snow was red like blood discharge. I've posted about this on May 14, 2010.

However, the blood rain of Kerala alone, the government of India with the Centre for Earth Science Studies has issued an official statement that causes the red color is a type of algae spores belonging to the genus Trentepohlia. This type of algae are numerous in the region of Kerala.

This discovery is supported by Seffield University who, along with Dr.Chandra Wickramasinghe stratosferik spores have long studied in depth. Dr.Wickramasinghe say that the red rain of Kerala particles like rust, and he also confirmed the absence of blood in the rain.

However, although the cause of red in the rain known, researchers are still not sure how it could spread spores in large numbers. But at least we know that these events did not relate to anything mystical.

Japanese Fishermen events and Cow HeavenBefore I end this essay, I want to tell a story for your readers. This story is about a cow that fell from the sky.

In 1997, the Japanese rescue team managed to rescue a fisherman who had been held in the ruins of their ships on the high seas for several hours.

Interestingly, their recognition of the cause of the sinking of their ship.

According to the fishermen, a cow had fallen from the sky, hit them and caused the ship to sink. The authorities who heard these confessions thought they were joking and soon to be angry. Then, the poor fishermen who were immediately put in prison.

Not long after, the Russian air force informed the Japanese authorities that one of their crew had stolen a cow for slaughter. Cows were then inserted into the plane and taken flight. When the plane was airborne, the cow became angry and began to destabilize the situation, perhaps because of panic or airsickness.

To save the aircraft in flight, the crew decided to throw out the cow.

And finally, we get a fishing vessel that sank and its fishermen are struggling holds the ruins of the ship, trying to reflect on the events that had just befallen them.This new name is unlucky day.

So, when we look out and still see the clear water droplets down to earth, maybe we should be thankful it (remember the fate of Japanese fishermen).

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